Construction and Temporary Heaters

Example of Construction Gas Fired Infrared Heater

At Space-Ray, industrial comfort is a challenge we take seriously.

We have been manufacturing gas-fired infrared heating systems since 1949. The quality and performance of our heaters are based on over 60 years of field experience and exposure to industrial/commercial heating problems.

Our reputation is built upon a solid track record for providing highly radiant efficient, easy to install and high quality infrared heating equipment.

With Space-Ray's energy efficient gas infrared heaters, you can put the warmth of the sun anywhere the job calls for it.

These rugged industrial workhorses have many years of proven experience. And, there's no need for fans, ducts or electricity, and no moving parts. Just run a gas line to them and they are ready to go.

RFPA SeriesIdeal for Spot or Total heating, indoors or out partially open buildings, construction sites, unheated work areas, supplemental heat in large buildings, thawing, emergency heat and other industrial and commercial applications
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